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Our History

It has been 30 years since the region of Ribera del Duero was given an official "guarantee of origin" status, but the Hacienda Solano is a small family winery that has been in existence for centuries. Today, just as they have always done, all of the wine produced by the Hacienda Solano comes exclusively from its own family-owned vines that also provide grapes to many of the other larger wineries in the area. The Solano vineyards are small and consist of parcels of land located in clearings among the high woodlands where the conditions for growth are optimal but there is no possibility for modernization. Therefore, the work continues to be done exclusively by hand with virtually no use of chemical products. The production is small: every year about 40,000 bottles are sold on the market. About half goes to restaurants, hotels and exclusive wine stores domestically in Spain and the rest is exported to the United States, Switzerland and Germany. Hacienda Solano's reserve wines have, on many occasions, been the wine of choice at state dinners at the Royal Palace in Madrid.